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New products

New cable trunking GN-HF halogene free April 2017
Bushes and strain relief HELAVIA® 15-*** March 2017
Identification system PLIOSTRAP-8 March 2017
Sealing grommet DGX PLIOPRENE TPE type DGX-MULTI December 2016
Cold printing press SES-PREMO December 2016
Feet HELAVIA® 15-827 art. no. 02540127010 December 2016
Spiral binding PLIOSPIRE sensitive to metal détectors October 2016
Fixing accessories PLIOCATCH GA-W 2400 September 2016
Sealing grommet DGX in Plioprene TPE July 2016
Fixing accessories PLIOCATCH PI-D1100 art. no. 01900531xxx June 2016
Ratchet crimping tools AZ 760 May 2016
Sleeving and tools PLIOZIP April 2016
Cable ties for cable trays SES-SC: The design and material change March 2016
Cable guide PLIOCATCH DELTA L June 2015
Cable tie SES-QUICK SE-V0 (AF) flame resistant, halogen free, red phosphorus free June 2015
Identification system sensitive to metal detectors PLIO-MARKERS MDE May 2015
Cable ties SES®-QUICK BIO biodegradables April 2015
Cable ties SES-QUICK SL MDE PP March 2015
Cable guide PLIOCATCH DELTA M February 2015
Modular grommets FL December 2014
List of our halogen free products November 2014
PLIO-SPEED cable glands October 2014
Hand tool for INOX ties in stainless steel June 2014
Stripping tools JOKARI June 2014
PLIOZIP protection tubing and tools May 2014
Stripping tools JOKARI SENSOR May 2014
Bushes and strain relief HELAVIA 15-822 art. no. 02530117010 April 2014
SES-QUICK cable ties SL-COLOR March 2014
SES simple stripping tools February 2014

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