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|text|We at SES-STERLING take pride in the fact that since our family enterprise was created in 1928, we have managed to grow it into an internationally renowned cable accessories manufacturer that can guarantee fast worldwide delivery to its clients. We’re considered as a forerunner in the transformation of raw materials into electrical wiring accessories mainly thanks to the fact that we manage and control the whole production process from A to Z. We can therefore guarantee you top quality and innovative products that are 100% “Made in France”.|


|text|A strong research culture makes sure the cable protection, marking and fixing products manufactured by SES-STERLING are manufactured to fulfil the needs of all our customers. With more than 26000 product references our catalogue will be able to provide trusted products of any type our clients are seeking offering the best balance between price and quality, without having to compromise on creativity. What you really need is a continuous availability, fast delivery, sufficient stocks and efficient distribution. Thanks to these elements we are able to offer first-class responsiveness, troubleshooting and support for our partners.|


|text|Our specialised team of research and development engineers work all year round to be sure that the most effective raw material mixes are used in our products so that the end user will sleep soundly whenever completing a project. All products are constantly adapted for ease of use in the field.|


|text|The SES STERLING commercial and technical teams aim to be as close as possible to our all important clients with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. And thanks to our extensive partner network in 50 countries around the world we can offer our quality products to you in the time scale required. Our teams are always ready to listen to your feedback, suggestions and questions. Local contact is the key factor, not only can we respond to your needs, but we aim to fulfil them whenever they arise.|

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