SES-STERLING works in collaboration with Societe Generale bank to ensure a secure payment. You can pay by credit card securely.
CB Euro Visa
Paiement sécurisé

The transaction step by step :

Thanks to our payment system secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the credit card information you put on will be encrypted before they are sent to the bank's server.

In case of loss or theft of your card, no purchase is possible if it has been put in opposition.

* Once the payment information has been completed and validated, you will be directed to the secure payment server of Societe Generale. The transaction will then enter secure mode to ensure the confidentiality of the provided informations. The Societe Generale server will ask you for the type of your credit card, then you will put on your credit card details

ATTENTION : ne saisir ni votre code confidentiel ni votre numéro de compte.

The Societe Generale server will ask for a payment authorization. You will get the reply and if it is positive, the transaction can go on.