Wiring accessories: cable block, cable guide, cable ties and sleeves

Data Centre: Simplify the management of your cables!

Cable management is an important issue when installing a Data Centre or server room, both when setting up the infrastructure and when adding peripheral devices (servers, racks, routers, etc.) or when troubleshooting. SES-STERLING has designed a selection of accessories for the organisation of electrical cables in this specific environment. The challenge of cable management is twofold:
– maintain the cables routed through the infrastructure,
– make their subsequent management easier.
In order to avoid the “spaghetti dish syndrome”, we offer you cabling solutions adapted to your needs.
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Our solutions


SES-STERLING has developed the PLIOCATCH range of accessories to make cable fixing quick and easy, without any tools and with a small footprint. Vertically or horizontally, depending on the model, our cable blocks and cable guides allow for orderly routing of data cables in racks or electrical cabinets.

More information about fixing accessories PLIOCATCH

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Protect: PLIOSIL

The PLIOSIL expandable braided sleeving, in grey and black, is available in nominal diameters from 2 to 48 mm for expansion ratios ranging from 1 to 3 depending on the model. For optimal safety, it is halogen-free and self-extinguishing. It also complies with the European RoHS directive. Its self-extinguishing version V0 is especially suitable for applications requiring high temperature resistance. It is the ideal sheath for holding and protecting cable harnesses.

More information about PLIOSIL PET sleeving

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Hold: SES-TW

Simple or riveted, SES-TW cable ties can be opened and closed with a single hand for quick assembly or intervention. They allow cable harnesses to be held together or fixed to components by their rivet clip system.

More information about riveted cable ties SES-TW

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