Cable marking, unlimited customisation: two-layer engraved and LASER-cut plates

What if the identification of your cable and machine marking could became totally customised? Colours, shapes, engravings, with only your needs and your imagination being the limitation?
On the electrical identification market, there are few ultra-versatile solutions that allow you to truly customise your identification needs from A to Z. In our 4.0 industrialization logic, we are delighted to present our new LASER marking, the double-layer engraved and cut LASER plates (PBC-LASER).

Professional marking of electrical equipment

Made from acrylic plates, this halogen-free marking ensures durable identification. Thanks to their excellent UV resistance, the two-layer plates engraved and cut with LASER (PBC-LASER) are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The two-layer composition of the plates allows for a clear contrast of the LASER engraving for clear identification. Supplied with or without adhesive, PBC-LASER signs are easy to install. You can even choose the type of fixing you want. You can use this new marking system in all areas, including public lighting, telecommunications, signage and railways…

Unlimited customisation

Engraved and LASER-cut two-layer plates (PBC-LASER) are totally versatile. Engravings, shapes, colours, types of fixing, it’s 100% bespoke.

Here are all the possibilities:

  • a wide choice of 12 colours including metallic colours such as stainless steel, gold and copper
  • a precise, customised cut-out shape. Absolutely any shape of cut is possible.
  • versatile and flexible engraving: letters, numbers, images, drawings, QR codes, barcodes (with serial incrementation).
  • the choice of the plate fixing system on request (adhesive or fixing by cable ties, screws or rivets)

Discover the marking system with durability and unlimited customisation.

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