Detectable cable accessories: spiral tube, cable identification, cable ties, bases and tie cradle

Agri-Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Adopt a preventive approach.

Our range of detectable wiring accessories has been developed to assist our partners in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, in these industries, during the manufacturing process, foodstuffs, chemicals and medicines are subject to a route surrounded by machines, cables and complex installations. Finding components of these facilities in finished products is a risk to be eliminated. That’s why we have added metal particles in our products to make them sensitive to metal detectors. Thus, we have developed a range of accessories around the cable which perfectly suits to a HACCP approach.

Detectable spiral tubing PLIOSPIRE MDE

Detectable spiral tubing PLIOSPIRE MDE - SES-STERLING

The detectable spiral tubing PLIOSPIRE MDE is available in blue colour and comes in 2 diameters (6 and 12mm). Very flexible, it allows an effective protection of the cable harnesses with possibility of derivation of the cables.

More information about PLIOSPIRE MDE detectable spiral tubing.

PLIO PP MDE identification system sensitive to metal detectors

SES-STERLING has developed the first identification system that is sensitive to metal detectors. It consists of detectable carrier and marking rings in polypropylene resistant to acids, bases and detergents.

More information about the PLIO PP MDE detectable identification system.

Identification system sensitive to metal detectors (PLIO PP MDE) - SES-STERLING

Cable ties SES-QUICK SL MDE sensitive to metal detectors

Cable ties sensitive to metal detectors (SES-QUICK SL MDE) - SES-STERLING

The SES-QUICK MDE detectable cable ties are available in two material grades and sizes.

More about SES-QUICK SL MDE detectable cable ties.

MDE bases and tie cradle for cable mounting

We have developed detectable bases and tie cradles that we recommend to use in addition to detectable cable ties.

More about detectable bases and tie cradles

Bases and tie cradle for cable mounting (MDE) - SES-STERLING

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