LETATWIN: a new stand-alone thermal transfer printer for identification your cables

Identifying cables has never been so easy and we know that it is essential because some installations are so complex.

Why customize your cable identification?

More and more installations are complex and unique. While there are many basic elements that make up an electrical installation, new components are added based on technology, your needs, or your customers’ needs.

Many cable identification solutions exist (as you can see in our catalogue) and customization allows you to differentiate yourself while adapting the identifications to various sectors of activity. Since our foundation in 1928, we have been offering the latest innovations in cable identification.

With this in mind, we offer you a new personalized and autonomous cable identification solution: the LETATWIN thermal transfer printer, which completes our range of cable identification printers.

LETATWIN: a light and autonomous thermal transfer printer

Are you on an outdoor site? Do you have a lot of cables to identify and install? No problem, it will be quick and easy. Take your LETATWIN printer in its small case and go!

Equipped with an interface in different languages, a backlit screen and a shock-resistant rubber keyboard, you have a real pocket computer ready for personalisation.

To make cable identification even easier, the LETATWIN printer is equipped with a cutting and pre-cutting system coupled with a heating module for a better identification quality in a cold environment.

The printing speed is 40 mm/sec. The LETATWIN printer works quickly and independently.

You have the possibility to connect it via the power cable (included) or for mobile use, you can rely on rechargeable AA LR6 batteries (not included). The printer can also print data previously stored on a USB stick. You don’t need to have your computer at hand.

Click here to see all the technical specifications

How to personalize your cable identification with the LETATWIN printer ?

The LETATWIN thermal transfer printer allows you to identify your cables and sheaths independently via its keyboard or from a computer equipped with the specific software.

 It can be connected to a computer and, thanks to the software, you can fully customize your identification. Several editing and personalization functions are possible:

  • incrementing,
  • using different sizes and fonts,
  •  printing up to 4 lines, etc…
  • library of electrical symbols available for a greater personalization

Click here to download the LETATWIN software (Windows version)

A multi-support printing

Autonomous and versatile, this is what defines the LETATWIN printer. According to your needs, you can print your identification on various supports:

Etiquettes adhésives LM-TP pour imprimante LETATWIN

LM-TP adhesive labels

  • Width: 5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm
  • Colour: yellow, white, transparent

Gaine auto-agrippante LM-TU pour imprimante LETATWIN

LM-TU self-gripping sleeves

  • Diameter: 1.9 to 2.7 mm
  • Colour: white

Bande M1P-BAND10 pour imprimante LETATWIN

M1P-BAND10 tape

  • Colour: white and yellow
  • Can be used with our PTE and PT EG identification supports.

Profils M1P-M37 pour imprimante LETATWIN

Profiles M1P-M27 and M1P-M37

  • Diameter: 1.6 to 3.4 mm
  • Colour: white, yellow and orange



Profil M1P-M45 pour imprimante LETATWIN

Profile M1P-M45

  • Width: 10 mm
  • Colour: white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red

This profile is to be inserted in our 
PLIOGRAPHPLUS marker holders

Gaine thermorétractable PLIOFINE BX-P

Heat shrinkable sleeves PLIOFINE BX-P

  • Diameter : 1,2 to 6,4 mm
  • Colours : white, yellow and black

Different types of ink ribbons are proposed for the printing of these supports, to choose according to the product to be printed.

In conclusion

A fast, easy and autonomous work. The LETATWIN thermal transfer printer is at ease everywhere.

If you would like a demonstration, you can contact your expert advisor.
If you have other needs in terms of cable identification, we invite you to discover our wide range of cable markers.

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