Heat shrink tubing and insulating sleeves to protect your cables.

What is the purpose of heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink tubing is an essential part of the cable world. It can be used in different ways and allows you to :

  • Insulate your cables against dust, moisture or abrasion…
  • repair damaged cables
  • identify and organise your cables using colour codes

How to choose your heat shrink tubing?

Gaines thermorétractables de couleur

Depending on your project, it is important to choose the right heat shrink tubing. Here are the different criteria to take into account

  • the wall thickness: thin and flexible or thick with greater resistance
  • with or without adhesive: to ensure a perfect seal
  • the shrinkage coefficient: this corresponds to the ratio between the initial diameter before shrinkage and the
  • minimum diameter after shrinkage measured in mm
  • the colour: depending on how you wish to identify the cables in your installation
  • the packaging: coil, cardboard reel, reel, bar, distribution box, sleeve

Consult the summary table of the characteristics of our range of heat-shrinkable sleeves.

SES-STERLING heat-shrinkable tubing

Shrink ratio 2:1






  • common use
  • V0 UL94 standard
  • economical

Product sheet

  • fluid resistant
  • halogen free

Product sheet

  • fluid resistant


Product sheet

  • good mechanical properties
  • chemical resistance
  • V0 UL94 standard

Product sheet


BX-F heat-shrinkable tubing

  • self-extinguishing
  • resistant to fluids
  • white or yellow colour

Product sheet

BX-P heat-shrinkable tubing

  • resistant to chemicals
  • EN 45545 approval
  • white, yellow or black colour

Product sheet

imprimanteYou can customise the marking of these two tubes using thermal transfer printing.
We recommend the use of our thermal transfer printers PLIOSCRIB M1-PRO and LETATWIN

Shrink ratio 3:1


PLIOFINE B-EX-03 heat shrink tubing

  • self-extinguishing according to UL224
  • good chemical resistance
  • various colours available

Product sheet

PLIOFINE AD-UL-03 heat shrinkable tubing

  • self-extinguishing
  • watertight due to inner adhesive seal
  • good fluid resistance

Product sheet

Tools for heat shrinkable tubing

Générateurs à air chaudTo make it easier for you to handle and work with your tubing, we recommend using the HL 1620 S and HG 2320 E hot air generators for fast and precise shrinking.






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