Recycling: a priority for SES-STERLING

Our planet is precious. For several decades, we have been facing global warming due to a sharp increase in worldwide pollution. The use of plastic as a raw material is at the heart of our production. Environmental issues are taken into consideration throughout the manufacturing process of our products.
Since our foundation in 1928, we have attached great importance to the treatment of our plastic waste and recycling is an integral part of the SES-STERLING corporate culture.

Plastic waste: an environmental issue

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials in the world. This raw material only begins to disintegrate after 100 years. The stakes are so high that the plastics industry federation has committed itself to making a major contribution to the goal of 100% recycled plastic by 2025.

At SES-STERLING, our overall annual consumption of plastic materials is more than 2,000 tonnes, which results in more than 500 tonnes of production waste per year. Recycling is therefore a key priority.

What are the stages of plastic recycling?

With more than 4 800 km of cable trunking produced per year, we use no less than 1400 tonnes of PVC, which results in almost 400 tonnes of production waste. During the manufacture of a cable duct, the material is extruded into a finished product. This manufacturing process generates nearly 30% of waste from the profile punching stage. The reuse of offcuts after grinding has been a necessity from the start of the business.

All these offcuts are recovered and sorted in order to be crushed and then reused for the manufacture of new products. Contrary to popular belief, the recycling process does not alter the quality and properties of the material. With the recycling process at SES-STERLING, the material is given a second life to produce a new quality product, whose technical properties are maintained, while protecting the environment.

More than just recycling cable ducts!

At SES-STERLING, it is not only plastic that is recycled. Everything is thought out and studied so that recycling is an integral part of the production process of each product. The concept of recycling is integrated at an early stage, right from the product development process. Here are some examples.

Injection moulded parts:

These are manufactured on specific production machines which allow the recovery of every scrap material caused by the injection process. Within the same machine, the offcuts are directly crushed and automatically re-injected to be used in the manufacture of a new product. 100% of the off-cuts are used in this way.

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PLIO® flexible PVC sleeves:

Even flexible plastic is recycled at SES-STERLING. A rigorous sorting by quality of scrap is carried out. These offcuts are then crushed and processed for the manufacture of new sleeves. Here again, expert control of the recycling procedure ensures that the quality of the product is not altered.

The MORE label: active participation in the circular economy

The circular economy aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimise waste by recycling materials.

By reusing our production off-cuts and buying back raw materials from other manufacturers throughout the year, we actively participate in this process.

In October 2023, we obtained the MORE label awarded by POLYVIA (union of polymer processors). This label is a real recognition of our commitment and our role in participating in the circular economy. We are MObilised to REcycle.

The challenges of sustainable development

Since the creation of our company, plastic recycling has been part of our DNA because we consider it fundamental to master this process. Every day, we improve the treatment of our waste material in order to limit its environmental impact.

We have published our ethical charter which reflects our commitment to environmental protection.

The plastics processing industry often suffers from a negative image on this subject. No! Working with plastics is not incompatible with the notion of the environment. It is simply a matter of constant commitment, innovation and action. Today, every industry, every professional in every sector must commit to sustainable development. It is now that the earth of tomorrow is being built, it is now that we must act, for us, for our children and for the generations to come. More than ever, SES-STERLING is committed to preserving the quality of life on our planet, while guaranteeing the quality of its products for all of you. 

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