MINOX PLUS: new stainless steel identification solution by SES-STERLING

Public lighting, power lines, blast furnaces, chemical industry… all these fields require a specific and above all very resistant identification solution. For all demanding environments where the durability and legibility of the identification of your installations and their components are paramount, we have the solution: the MINOX PLUS identification system.

Highly resistant stainless steel identification

Made of 304 stainless steel, the MINOX PLUS identification system can withstand extreme conditions. Its operating temperature ranges from – 80 to + 500°C! Halogen-free, non-flammable, with excellent UV and weather resistance, it is your long-lasting asset.

Customisable, legible and easy-to-use markers

Customise your marker with several characters available:

  • letters: A to Z
  • numbers: 0 to 9
  • special characters: +, – ,  : ,  .
  • QR code available on request

Each character can be quickly inserted directly into the holder without the use of tools. It is up to you to personalise your marking as you wish according to your project. Indoors or outdoors, you can choose to fix the support strip horizontally or vertically with metal cable ties or flat head screws. A real time-saver.

To fix the support strips properly, we recommend using the INOX-BALL-QUICK metal ties and the INOX tools K111 and RR-G01.

Features :

  • good durability
  • very good legibility
  • individual lettering
  • horizontal or vertical fixing
  • optional provision of personalised QR CODE

Technical data :



Areas of application: :

  • Street lighting
  • Supply lines in chemical plants
  • Steel industry (blast furnaces)Operating equipment in aggressive environments
  • Regeneration plants and their feed lines
  • Military applications
  • Hospitals, leisure parks, swimming pools
  • Mining and mining machinery
  • Transport (motorways, railways)
  • Food industry
  • Marking for the metal industry


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