BELTO®, the most innovative cable tie from SES-STERLING

By listening to your experience in the field, you have given us an innovative idea. Many of you work in small spaces where space saving is important or even paramount. Often in your electrical installations cable ties take up too much space, have protruding heads and edges or are not very aesthetic. We have taken these essential points into account and are proud to present our new innovation: the BELTO® cable tie!

A unique patented flat head

The innovation of BELTO® lies in its upper part: the head of the cable tie is flat!
 Thanks to this patented innovation, there are no more cable ties to waste space in your installations.

With BELTO®, you will have a high-quality, durable and aesthetic installation even in the smallest of spaces.

Advantages of the BELTO® cable tie

Space saving:

  • The BELTO® cable tie’s patented, non-protruding head size allows it to fit into even the smallest spaces where there are many cables.

  • The BELTO® cable tie fits more easily into tight spaces.
  • BELTO® allows you to accommodate more cables in the same space.

Safety above all:

  • The BELTO® cable tie does not injure the user.
    The BELTO® cable tie does not injure the user.
    You have no risk of injury.
    The cable tie has no sharp edges, the cut part of the band being embedded in the head.

  • Your installations are protected. 
    BELTO® is firmly attached to the rope and does not rub against other ropes. It is perfectly suited for use in automation and moving machines.

  • Your cables are protected.
    The external notching of the belt does not damage the cables.

  • Halogen-free.

A sturdiness to any test:

  • Once closed, the BELTO® cable tie does not open and has good tensile strength.
    You can insert a large number of cables into it. The BELTO® cable tie provides you with a secure, fixed hold. You can rely on it.

Aesthetics in your installations:

  • The BELTO® cable tie, with its sophisticated profile, fits perfectly into your installation.
    It will be discreet and your installation will be clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick installation!

  • BELTO® can be adapted and installed very quickly on any type of electrical installation.

  • It is very easy to insert the strip: inside the cable tie to save space and give an undeniable aesthetic result.

  • Effortless closing: the small opening on the head guides the band for a quick closing.

  • Optimal tightening: an optimal closure for a reliable, solid and fixed hold of the cables.

  • Easy organization: the pre-assembly position gives you time to organize your cable bundle until the final tightening.


Which areas of application?

Whatever your sector and your requirements, the BELTO® innovation can be adapted.
All the advantages of BELTO® make it practical and versatile.

You can use it in all sectors of activity:

  • IT, data center and fiber optics
  • electronics
  • medical equipment
  • cable harnesses
  • manufacturing
  • aeronautics industry
  • Telecommunications
  • military equipment
  • railways (EN45545-2 standard)
  • panel builders
  • mechanical engineering
  • machine industry
  • equipment
  • manufacturing

Technical specifications:

The BELTO® cable tie is available in standard and high-temperature versions.

Technical specifies BELTO cable tie

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