PLIO CLICK LABEL HOLDER: cable marking with a simple “click”

Here’s a new feature that will make it easier to locate your electrical cables. This new system is specially adapted to the small fibre optic cables found in data centers and among IT and telecommunications professionals.

What is the PLIO CLICK by SES-STERLING system?

Repérage des câbles PLIOCLICK en data center

The PLIO CLICK cable identification system has been designed to be as fast, versatile and modular as possible. This uniquely shaped label holder opens and closes effortlessly with a simple touch of the finger without any tools.

Once closed, the PLIO CLICK system holds the label firmly in place. Your labelling will be clear and easy to install.

PLIO CLICK is much more than a standard label holder, it is infinitely reusable. By its design, it can be opened and closed at will without losing its characteristics. Repositionable, it is an economical solution for locating your cables.

Clear and customised cable marking

étiquettes PLIO CLICK

Coupled with the PLIO CLICK label holders, the PLIO CLICK labels ensure versatility in the identification of cables in your installations.

Using a Laser printer or a simple pen (such as the QUICK-MARKERS), you can create and adapt your marking very quickly to your needs.

The label can be printed on both sides: one white and one yellow side, the choice is yours. For your safety, the PLIO CLICK labels are halogen-free and can be used in areas where this aspect is essential.



If you use a laser printer for your marking, we provide you with our PLIOMARK-PRINT software free of charge for printing your texts.

 A licensed version is available with a 30-day trial period for the printing of images, QR codes or logos.

Click here to download the PLIOMARK-PRINT software free of charge.

NEW : PLIO CLICK GT (large size)

The PLIO CLICK range has been expanded with PLIO CLICK GT, ideal for marking cables with diameters of 4 to 6.6 mm (ideal for CAT. 6 and CAT. 7 Ethernet cables).


PLIO CLICK label holders are available in various colours for fast and efficient cable marking.
Identify your cables at a glance!

Click here to find out all the features of the PLIO CLICK marking system

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