Biodegradable cable ties SES-QUICK BIO

The biodegradable cable ties SES-QUICK BIO comply with the standards NF EN 13432 : 2000 and ASTM D6400 : 2004. They are intended for temporary installations.

Biodegradable cable ties, an alternative to traditional plastics

A solution for temporary installations

Cable ties may be required for time-limited installations (during pre-assembly operations, maintenance work, construction sites, occasional events).
If you are looking for a reliable product that meets a specific need, SES-STERLING offers you a SES-QUICK BIO biodegradable cable tie system. It will allow you to choose an alternative to traditional plastic cable ties.

SES-QUICK BIO application

Progressive degradation after use

SES-QUICK BIO biodegradable cable ties decompose over time under the action of UV, heat, humidity and microorganisms.
The decomposition time is at least 2 years. It varies according to the environment in which the installation is located.
Beyond this time, the cable tie breaks and biodegrades.

Storage conditions for biodegradable cable ties

As these cable ties are made to be perishable, it is necessary to respect optimal storage conditions. The objective is that they do not degrade prematurely before use.
To do this, these products must be kept away from:

  • humidity,
  • heat (the temperature must be below 25°C),
  • light.

Consult the brochure concerning SES-QUICK BIO cable ties in PDF version.

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