Mechanical protection sleeving

Are you looking for THE solution that provides you with optimal mechanical protection? Discover our range of products for the maintenance and protection of cable harnesses. SES-STERLING offers you sleeves in different lengths, packaging, qualities and colours to meet today’s market needs. Our protective sleeves meet essential criteria: ease of use and durability.

The spiral tubing PLIOSPIRE and PLIOZIP

Our PLIOSPIRE spiral slotted sheaths guarantee perfect support and protection of the cable harnesses while allowing their bypasses. They differ in their materials, as well as in their resistance to weather and extreme temperatures.

Antistatic ESD PLIOSPIRE :
for EPA areas (ESD Protected Area)
preventing the accumulation of charges for the protection of installations
More information about the PLIOSPIRE ESD tubing
MDE PLIOSPIRE detectable by sensor :
adapted to the success of a HACCP* approach, it makes it possible to limit the risks of product contamination
detection by a metal detector
visually recognizable by its blue colour
*HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
More information about the PLIOSPIRE MDE
PLIOSPIRE Plus allows a bypass thanks to its two parallel turns while protecting the wiring harnesses.
More information about the PLIOSPIRE Plus spiral conduit
To discover our PLIOZIP sheath, designed to protect cables in fixed or mobile electrical installations, go to the article “Protection tubing for cable harnesses: PLIOZIP”

PLIOSIL braided sleeving

PLIOSIL braided sleeving have the particularity of being expandable and insulating.

PLIOSIL expandable braided sleeving

Their advantages :
Very flexible
High recovery rate
Abrasion resistance
PLIOSIL HT braided fibreglass insulation sleeving

Their advantages :
Very flexible
Excellent thermal resistance
Good mechanical and thermal protection of wires and cables
Expandable braided sleeving for schielding EMI
The EMI sleeving protects the connections between the sensitive elements from electromagnetic disturbances. It differs from conventional metal braided sheaths in that its PET filaments are coated with tinned copper, which makes it lighter and more flexible.

More information about the PLIOSIL sleeving

The PLIOWELL corrugated flexible conduit

PLIOWELL conduit provides reinforced support and protection. In different materials and diameters, it is also available in split models to facilitate the addition of wires or cables to an existing installation. This conduit is suitable for the following applications:
public places
A wide range of fittings and accessories (seals, bushings, clips and couplers) can be combined with the PLIOWELL conduit.

More information about the PLIOWELL conduit

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