Self closing textile split braided sleeving PLIOSIL WS

SES-STERLING presents its new product: the self-closing textile split braided sleeving PLIOSIL WS.
It is distinguished by a new opening system, easier assembly of the electrical harnesses and improved support.

Split sleeving with overlap: PLIOSIL WS

Its characteristics
material: polyester
colour: black
diameters: from 5 to 50 mm
operating temperatures: -50 to +150 °C
fire resistance: V0 UL94, halogen-free
Fields of application
automotive industry
railway industry
electronics industry

Special features of the PLIOSIL WS sleeving

The product has the particularity of opening while allowing a clean closing thanks to its self-closing system. This new feature makes it possible to improve efficiency.

Due to its opening, the sheath allows the assembly and maintenance of electrical harnesses and also branches, while adapting to their irregular shapes without stiffening them. It is possible to assemble electrical harnesses before or after connection.

Its advantages include
tool-free cable installation
holding without cable-tie
cold or hot cutting

VIDEO of presentation of the PLIOSIL WS sleeving

Consult the catalogue page about PLIOSIL WS sleeving.

You can also contact us for any requests for additional information, samples, etc.

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