Cable trunking GN and GN-HF halogen free

In the railway, contruction and industrial sectors, as in public buildings, it’s essential to protect equipment and people of all the dangers, including fire.
To answer the need in case of fire in railway sector, public places and indusrial sites at risk, SES-STERLING has developed a PC/ABS halogen-free metric cabling system. The GN-HF is certified halogen free according to VDE 0472/815.

Presentation of GN (PVC) and GN-HF (PC/ABS) cable trunking: safety, a priority

GN-HF halogen free cable trunking

Characteristics of the GN-HF cable trunking

The product is available in 6 heights and 9 widths, with side slots or solid edges: a complete offer for all your applications.

Halogen-free quality, which is indispensable in some areas, is essential for the safety of people and equipment in case of fire.

Do not hesitate to consult the catalogue pages of this range:

  • GN-HF-A6/4 with side slots and bottom perforations;
  • GN-HF-S with solid edges and bottom perforations.

Blue GN-A6/4 cable trunking

Blue GN-A6/4 cable trunkingIn hazardous areas, the materials used must be flame resistant and the intrinsically safe cable routing must be separate and easily identifiable.
To meet this specific need, SES-STERLING completes its range of cable trunking with a blue GN , made of self-extinguishing rigid PVC, especially dedicated to the wiring of distribution or control cabinets requiring intrinsic safety.

Its RAL 5015 blue colour makes it easy to distinguish at a glance.

Consult the catalogue page of the GN-A6/4 blue cable trunking.

GN (PVC) and GN-HF (PC/ABS) cable trunking: advantages

Discover the 6 advantages of cable trunkings, which make them innovative and intelligent:

To learn more about these products, you can refer to the prospectus (printable document).

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  1. Bonjour.
    Je recherche ce genre de goulotte, ou équivalente pour terminé les travaux d’électricité. Nous sommes passer pas les caves pour le cablage et je souhaite protéger les cables par des goulottes.
    J’aurais besoin de 40 mètres de goulottes de 60 x 40 Cm.
    Dans l’attente de vous lire.
    Mr Dandois

  2. Bonjour M. Dandois,

    Nous vous remercions de l’intérêt que vous portez à nos produits.
    Nous avons transmis la demande à la filiale belge afin qu’un commercial prenne contact avec vous au plus vite.

    Vous souhaitant une bonne journée,

    Bien Cordialement,

    L’équipe SES-STERLING

  3. Hi sales

    I am trying to locate open slotted LSF cable trunking greater than 120 x 80mm is this something you can supply ?

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for your interest in our products.
    We have forwarded your request to our sales department so that a sales representative will contact you shortly.


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