Custom marking

Do you want to mark your products in a personalised way?
We ensure you a high definition, durable and forgery-proof identification on our identification items.
Discover our marking techniques on a panel of products:

CH-M write-on plates

CH-M write on plates (LASER, to be struck or marked) are intended for marking cables, conduits and posts and can be used both outdoors and underground.

Their identification is possible by:
marking with an indelible nylon-tipped pen for quick identification of the plates, directly at the place of intervention, particularly during maintenance work
the SES-PREMO cold marking press allowing a clear marking, upstream of the site or on site thanks to its transport case
LASER engraving available on request, facilitating the identification of plates in large series. It also makes it possible to combine all character combinations.

More information on CH-M write-on plates

PLIO® LASER carriers

Flame-resistant carriers in PVC or polypropylene (PP) halogen-free quality are suitable for indoor use.
Their LASER engraving makes it possible to integrate logos or drawings.
The carriers are available in a wide range of colours (plain and two-tone).

More information on PLIO® LASER carriers

INOX strips

Also discover the INOX strips engraved LASER or embossed, in 316 stainless steel, designed for use in extreme environments. They are resistant to corrosion, acids, chemicals and fire with temperatures up to 500°C.

INOX strips can be marked using two techniques:

embossing allowing :
a good readability of the text
a visible relief without alteration
for use in the food industry

the LASER offering :
a high degree of accuracy of the plots
a choice of fine or bold strokes
a choice of font size
the integration of logos or drawings

More information on INOX strips

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