Official opening of the new SES-STERLING industrial complex in Hésingue

Inauguratuin SES-STERLING Hésingue bannière blog

SES-STERLING officially inaugurated its new industrial complex on the Technoparc site in Hésingue on 1 October 2021. This new, modern and innovative complex brings together the five sites in Saint-Louis and Huningue in a single location. Construction was launched on 24 October 2019 with the laying of the foundation stone. This is the very first company to move to the Technoparc site in Hésingue.

This new building has a total capacity of 40,000m2, of which 36,500m2 is dedicated to production and storage. All of the company’s departments were pleased to be able to work together under the same roof.

The project was designed to be ergonomic and practical with many innovations:

  • Building:

    designed by GA Smart Buildings, the new complex is environmentally friendly, with very good insulation and low energy consumption.

  • Production:

    the material plant recycles the energy consumed in order to reuse it and thus reduce the environmental impact and waste.

  • Storage side:

    the Autostore® set up by DEMATIC allows automated management of the 26,000 references in stock.

Organised by SES-STERLING, the inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of several official representatives:

  • Jean-Luc Reitzer, Member of Parliament for the Haut-Rhin
  • Christèle Willer, Vice President of the Grand-Est region
  • Alain Charrier, Sub-prefect of Mulhouse
  • Pascale Schillinger, Senator
  • Jean-Marc Deichtmann, President of the Community of Communes of the 3 Borders
  • Gaston Latscha, Mayor of Hésingue

All SES-STERLING employees were also invited to the inauguration.

Guided tours of the various workshops led by the management of SES-STERLING were organised so that everyone could satisfy their curiosity and appreciate this new place.

This was followed by several official speeches on the involvement of everyone in the project and its future, be it the region, Saint-Louis Agglomération, the town of Hésingue or the management of SES-STERLING.

The symbolic cutting of the ribbon in the presence of the Hess family, founders of the company, brought this emotional inauguration to a close.

For those of you who are curious, here is a look back at this wonderful day.

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