PLIOZIP protection tubing: fast and innovative assembly


Maintaining and protecting your cables in your electrical installations has never been so easy! You will save precious time in designing and guiding your cable harnesses. PLIOZIP cable protection is easy to install and is extremely flexible.

PLIOZIP protection tubing: effective support and protection of cable harnesses

The PLIOZIP protection tubing allows you to protect the cable bundle, while allowing you to easily make one or more branches according to your work plan. You will avoid cable tangles and reduce the risk of accidents. The installation is therefore neat, organised and safer.

PLIOZIP protection tubing: great flexibility

The PLIOZIP protection tubing is resistant to fatigue and bending in either direction. You can easily install it on moving machines even where there is a lot of bending.

PLIOZIP protection tubing: reusable and easy to install

The PLIOZIP protection tubing allows you to easily insert and remove your cable bundles whenever you want. Made of Polypropylene, it is resistant. You will save installation time and money.


How to install the PLIOZIP cable protection tube

Thanks to the assembly tool provided, the integration of your cable bundle in the sheath is done in a few seconds, regardless of the length. The ergonomic tool is quick and easy to use and is equipped with a locking system.

Step 1: You place all your cables in the tool. Once everything is in place, you can close the tool.


Step 2: After closing the tool, you insert the round tip into the beginning of the sleeve. Then slide the tool along the liner. This process also allows you to easily divert the cables as required.

With this tool, you can place the cables correctly and cleanly in the duct without any difficulty.

You can also find out more about the product and its use in this video:


The PLIOZIP protection tubing holds and protects pneumatic and hydraulic tubes as well as cable harnesses in fixed or mobile electrical installations:

  • control cabinets,
  • machines,
  • robots with articulated arms,
  • office automation,
  • Etc.

Fire, UV and chemical resistance

Technically, the PLIOZIP protection tubing has:

  • flame resistance HB UL 94;
  • good resistance to ultraviolet rays and to certain chemicals:
        alcohol, grease, mineral oil, fuel oil and petrol.

The PLIOZIP protection tubing is available in various sizes, diameters and colours.

Click here to find out more about the characteristics of the PLIOZIP protection tubing

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