Discover the PLIOSIL pull-in aid tool, an efficient alternative to the wire puller

PLIOSIL pull-in aid tool


Installing electrical cables can be a tedious task, especially when it comes to passing wires and cable bundles through sleevings. Discover the PLIOSIL pull-in aid, the new alternative to the wire puller, and make it easier to pass your cables through PLIOSIL braided sleevings.

The PLIOSIL pull-in aid: an alternative to the wire puller for PLIOSIL braided sleevings

The PLIOSIL pull-in aid is an innovative tool designed to facilitate the passage of cables through braided sleevings. It works simply and effectively, offering a practical alternative to the traditional wire puller.

A practical tool, specially designed for long sleeving lengths

The PLIOSIL pull-in aid is a mechanical cable pulling system. It consists of an ergonomic pulling head, a robust plastic body and a braided sleeve.

Specially designed for the braided sleeves in the PLIOSIL range, the pull-in aid is available in four different sizes, adapted to the diameters of our sleeves.

The advantages of the PLIOSIL cable-pulling pull-in aid for routing wires

As well as being compact and easy to transport, the PLIOSIL pull-in aid offers a number of advantages over traditional wire pullers.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, only one operator is required to use the tool. The pull-in aid can be used to pull the cable bundle through, even over long lengths of duct.
Secondly, the pull-in aid minimises the risk of damaging cables or sleevings during the pulling process. This is because it prevents the head of the bundle from getting caught in the mesh of the braided sleeving.
Finally, the PLIOSIL pull-in aid is designed to enable the head of the cable bundle to be unhooked instantly and without tools once it has passed through the sleeving. No wires are lost and no adhesive is used: a real saving in time and consumables!

Passing cables through the braided sleeving: how the PLIOSIL pull-in aid works

With the PLIOSIL pull-in aid, passing wires and cable harnesses through a braided sleeving has never been easier. Just three steps are all it takes to pull your cables – effortlessly – through the sleeving.

Choose the pull-in aid model best suited to the diameter of your braided sleeving and your bundle, then…
Insert the wires into the braided sleeving sleeve built into the pull-in aid, over a distance of 20 to 30 cm. The wires are naturally locked in the sleeve by friction.
Push the pull-in aid into the final braided sleeve using the push-pull principle.
Once the pull-in aid is out of the sleeve, simply remove the wires from the sleeve. The operation is complete!

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