High Temperature (HT) cable ties

In modern industry, performance is essential and often makes the difference. Many industries such as aerospace, rail and nuclear work in extreme environments. This requires high quality and temperature resistant cable accessories.

SES-STERLING offers accessories for high-temperature (HT) cable, providing safety, quality and resistance to high temperatures.

High temperature plastic: a good alternative to metal

A good cable accessory in the industry has to fulfil several roles: it has to be efficient, durable and resistant.
The composition of a High Temperature (HT) plastic has all these advantages. This class of material has superior characteristics to standard polymers (friction, good chemical resistance at high operating temperatures, etc.).

Easier to install and very reliable, more and more manufacturers are replacing metal fittings with high-temperature plastic. The efficiency of “HT” has been proven.

Our range of High Temperature (HT) cable ties

Cable ties are the most commonly used cable accessories.
SES-STERLING offers a wide range of High Temperature (HT) cable ties.

BELTO® HT cable ties: patented innovation

The BELTO® cable tie fits everywhere

Our latest patented innovation: the BELTO® cable tie is also available in a High Temperature (HT) version. It can withstand temperatures of up to + 110°C.
Take advantage of the space-saving design of the unique patented flat head and the practical waiting position for organising your cable bundles.

Click here to find out more about BELTO® cable ties

Read our full blog post about the BELTO® innovation

SL-HT cable ties with internal locking

Available in a wide range of sizes (27 models), the SL-HT cable ties are versatile and efficient. Its inner serration ensures that other cables are not damaged when rubbed.

Click here to see the SL-HT cable ties

SE-HT and SR-HT external locking cable ties

The SE-HT and SR-HT cable ties are highly resistant to UV light and temperatures up to +110 °C.

SE-HT cable ties are ideal for use in the railway sector. They have SNCF approval according to NFF 61-349, which guarantees reliability and quality.
The SR-HT cable ties are detachable, which makes them very easy to use and above all, repositionable.

Click here to discover the SE-HT cable ties.

Click here to discover the SR-HT cable ties

SES-QUICK cable ties with snap-on rivet head RA-HT

In addition to being resistant to high temperatures, the snap-in SES-QUICK RA-HT cable ties provide a fixed and solid hold thanks to their cradle-holding heads.

Click here to see the RA-HT cable ties. 

A wide range of other High Temperature (HT) products are available for your installations.

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