SELF-IDENTIFYING: saving time in identifying your cables

Solutions de repérage autonome

Good cable identification gives you a clear overview of your electrical installations. A good identification of each element also facilitates maintenance. Each project is unique and it is important to be able to customise each electrical installation to save time. We invite you to discover our stand-alone identification solutions that allow you to customise your cable identification according to your needs.

Stand-alone printing: let our printers work for you

Saving time on projects is important for both your customers and your bottom line. Our cable marking processes allow you to print quickly and easily on several media, a personalised marking adapted to each situation according to your working environment.


PLIOMARK-PRINT EOS5 is a versatile printer. It allows you to customise a wide range of graphic elements on various durable media in a precise manner:

  • texts from EXCEL files
  • images
  • barcodes
  • QR-codes…

Once started, the printer is autonomous and does the work for you.

The printable media offered are :

  • TF strips, ideal for identifying small cables
  • PUR carriers, ideal for demanding environments and resistant to micro-organisms, hydrolysis and chemicals.
  • TA foam labels specially designed for marking components in the industrial sector (panels, push buttons, etc.)

Click here to discover all the features of the PLIOMARK-PRINT EOS5 marking printer

PLIOSCRIB M-1Std.III and M-1ProV printers

PLIOSCRIB thermal transfer printers are designed to make your life easier. 

They are versatile and allow :

  • clear marking of electrical installations and data networks;
  • quick marking of wires and cables ;
  • labelling of switchgear, terminal blocks, patch panels, sockets, boxes… and much more.

The PLIOSCRIB printers have two types of cut:

  • complete cutting of the sleeve to the desired length;
  • pre-cutting into a track.

Lightweight and portable, you can take them with you anywhere. The PLIOSCRIB printers will save you precious time for a clear, durable and multi-supported marking. 

Click here to find out more about PLIOSCRIB printers and consumables

Cable marking labels: quick, easy and customised marking

SPOT IT label sheets

Designed for individual marking by hand or by printing on a desktop LASER printer, SPOT IT labels are easy to apply to the cable. The printed or written text can be covered with a clear protective varnish for long lasting marking.

Click here to see the SPOT-IT labels

SES-EV marker sheets

SES-EV marker sheets feature self-protecting LASER-printable adhesive tapes. They offer excellent resistance to water, oil and light solvents. The printed text is covered with a transparent protective film during installation. Installation on the cable is quick and easy.

Click here to see the SES-EV marker sheets

LFL and LF printable labels and carriers

LFL strips printable on a desktop LASER printer are built to last. They can be customised and printed on both sides. Coupled with FB label holders, PLIOMARK MINI and MAXI support strips and our cable ties, you can easily locate large diameter cables, tubes or pipes.

LASER printable LF tabs are ideal for marking small fibre optic cables. To find out more about LF tabs, you can read our blog post on the subject. To find out more about LF tabs, you can read our blog post on the subject..

Click here to discover our LASER LF and LFL printable marker strips

PLIO CLICK, quick cable marking with a click

This is one of the latest innovations in cable marking from SES-STERLING. The PLIO CLICK system has been designed for the marking of small cables in the IT and telecommunications sectors. This easy-to-install marking solution can be repositioned and reused. PLIO CLICK is available in various colours.

Click here to discover the PLIO CLICK solution

At SES-STERLING, we know that saving time is of the utmost importance and can quickly pay off in terms of customer satisfaction. It is important that tracking is quick and easy to implement. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer you a wide range of media and stand-alone tracking processes.

We always have a solution to suit your needs.
Do not hesitate to contact one of our expert advisors for more information.


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