Transparent lids for our SES-STERLING cable trunking

Transparent lids

Check your electrical installations at a glance

To make it even easier to check cable bundles during maintenance operations, we have designed transparent lids for SES-STERLING cable trunking.

They allow you to check the condition of the cable bundles in the trunking at a glance, without removing the lid. Potential environmental damage, pests wandering into your trunking and damaging your cables, outbreaks of fire or suspicious smoke: everything is under your control, no more nasty surprises!

Versatile lids compatible with our SES-STERLING cable trunking

There are many possible applications: indoors or outdoors (not directly exposed to UV rays), in control cabinets and switchboards or in the railway sector, transparent lids are perfectly versatile.

The new transparent lids for cable trunking are compatible with the following SES-STERLING cable trunking:








SES-STERLING: technical expertise for almost a century

Since 1928, SES-STERLING has been manufacturing and marketing wiring accessories made in France.

SES-STERLING cable trunking is designed with precision and rigour in our workshops. The materials used (PVC and ABS PC) are tested and optimised to provide you with high-quality trunking, suitable for all professional uses (even the most demanding).

This expert technical know-how makes SES-STERLING cable trunking solid, durable cable conduits suitable for all types of electrical installation.

SES-STERLING can help you with all your projects

Would you like to find out more about our transparent lids or get advice on choosing your cable trunking to meet the specific needs of your projects? Our expert advisors are here to help.

SES-STERLING has more than 26,000 professional references all about cable.

SES-STERLING offers you a very wide range of over 26,000 cabling accessory references: cable protection and insulation, cable glands, cable marking and identification, cable conduits and fixing, cabling tools, etc.

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