Cable fixing: professional solutions “made in France” for your electrical installations

Holding and securing cables is essential to the correct operation and safety of an electrical installation. There is a wide variety of different fixing systems. It’s important to make the right choice for your projects and objectives.

Which cable fixing systems should you choose to guarantee safety and optimum management of your equipment?

Selection criteria:

> The weight and volume of the wire or cable bundles

> The environmental conditions of the installation: continuous and peak temperature, chemical aggression, exposure to UV rays and bad weather, etc.

> The location and accessibility of the installation

> The aesthetic result of the installation

> The safety of fitters and operators to avoid the risk of injury

> Reversibility to facilitate maintenance: whether the fixing can be dismantled or not

> The regulations and standards to be complied with

> The specific requirements of your client.

Main cable fixing systems produced by SES-STERLING

Attache-câble BELTO avec faisceau de câblesCable ties Blocs pour conduits de câbles avec faisceau de câblesCable fixing accessories Bride de serrage pour câbles avec faisceau de câblesCable clamps Embase pour maintien des câblesCable ties

Cable ties

Cable ties are used to securely hold and protect cables, depending on their application and location. Combined with our cable fixing accessories, they can be used to secure cables permanently to a wide range of supports.


> Patented flat-head cable tie

> Ideal in confined spaces

> Pre-assembly position

> Reduces the risk of injury


> Easy identification
of your cables

> Wide range
of colours

> Secure, fixed
cable support



> UV-resistant

> Withstands high temperatures

> Ideal for harsh environments


snap-in cable ties

> Versatile use

> Good strength and resistance

> Snap-on rivet head for a fixed hold


Attache-câble Biodégradable SES-QUICK BIO maintenant un faisceau de câbles

SES-QUICK BIO biodegradable cable ties

> Biodegradable cable ties

> Ideal for temporary use

> For indoor and outdoor use

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Cable fixing accessories

It’s possible to fix and guide your cables without cable ties.

Cable clips and guides are a real alternative, reducing space requirements and making it easier to hold cables in place in equipment. They are frequently installed in electrical cabinets or data-centre racks, for example.

Bloc câbles PLIOCATCH à clip guidant un faisceau de câbles

clip-on cable blocks

> Ideal for use in electrical cabinets

> Compact size

> Quick installation without tools by clipping on

Bloc câbles PLIOCATCH à visser guidant un faisceau de câbles

screw-in cable blocks

> Solid, fixed hold
with screws

> Small footprint

> Easy to add and remove conductors

Anneau guide câble PLIOCATCH DELTA guidant un faisceau de câbles

Cable guide rings

> Ideal for use
in data centres

> Small footprint

> For guiding large bundles of cables

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Cable clamps

These cable clamps consist of a flexible strip with fixing caps to hold cable bundles in place.

Bride de serrage pour câbles PLIO maintenant un faisceau de câbles

PLIO® clamps

> Solid support for bundles of cables, cords
wires and tubes.

> Several clamp colours available

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Cable ties

Cable ties and bases provide greater flexibility in the assembly and positioning of your cable harnesses.

Colliers de fixation SES-CX

cable ties


> Good protection for delicate cable harnesses

> Good hold in the event of vibration

> Adjustment groove adaptable to the harness

Brides à embases adhésives SES-SP

Adhesive Base

> Closing clip for securing cables

> Screw
or adhesive fixing

> Firm, fixed hold
for cables

Embases adhésives en aluminium SES-GFB


Adhesive Bases

> Good alternative to plastic bases

> Small footprint in confined spaces

> Manual fixing and closing without tools

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Where and how are SES-STERLING cable fixing systems manufactured?

Point d'interrogation orangeFor almost a century, SES-STERLING has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of cable accessories in Alsace, using materials that have been rigorously prepared and adapted for professional use.

Our products undergo stringent quality and safety checks to ensure they comply with current safety standards.
This is why SES-STERLING products are renowned for their reliability and quality. At your side since 1928,
SES-STERLING knows the realities of the work we do.


SES-STERLING can help you

If you would like advice on choosing the right cable fixing system for your project, our experts are here to help.

SES-STERLING is your all-round cable partner. A century of expertise in cable accessories at your service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, and also share your advice and experience by comment.

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